The 2019 Music festival will be held between August 9th and August 25th.

In 2019 we will present or feature more than 100 musicians in 50 or more events.  Performers and events include (in no particular order) Carolyn Dolan & Big Red, Mile High Jazz Band, Millennium Bugs, The Red Tango, Reno Jazz Orchestra, RoseBud’s Dance Band, Urban Renewal Project, Sagebrush Rebels Band, Sierra Sweethearts, Fantods, Rocky Tatarelli Band, Liz Broscoe & Wesley Orsolic, Retro Radio Dolls, Scot Marshall,  and Take This (featuring Cherie Shipley).  In addition, as part of the Brewery Arts Center’s Levitt AMP series, several bands will perform at Wheeled Wednesdays during the festival period!

The Jukebox International Film Festival, sponsored by Wired Wednesday, will follow towards the end of Jazz & Beyond (Aug. 20-22).  We anticipate that some bands featured in the film festival will also perform in the last week of Jazz & Beyond (details pending).