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2019 Jazz & Beyond Carson City Music Festival at Comma Coffee Courtyard

Comma Coffee Courtyard

August 22@5pm



Enjoy the jazz stylings of Tom Stryker’s Impromptu.  Impromptu is led by jazz harmonica player Tom Stryker.  He came by his interest and talent in the harmonica at an early age. Along the way, he raised a family and became a successful businessman. And he’s done it all his way.

Tom Stryker’s Impromptu is a well known group in the Carson City area.  Impromptu will perform with Tom Stryker on chromatic harmonica, Rocky Tatarelli on tenor sax, Jimmy Vermilion  on keyboard and vocals, Neil Strocchio on drums and, Marcy Benner on vocals.
Impromptu’s music is varied and will entertain you with “Jazz & Beyond.”

Tom began his musical journey in San Francisco in 1954. He began playing professionally with world-famous  “Harmonica Rascal” Johnny Puleo.  “It was a wonderful opportunity for a great beginning,” he says.

Tom went on to perform both as a soloist and with various symphonies, harmonica trios and jazz bands. He has appeared on television and radio shows as well as the World Harmonica Championships in 1980s as the lead player with Harmonica Express, a quartet of players. Up until this time, his focus was on carefully arranged music for the harmonica; yet he was still searching for “something.” At that point he met a local jazz musician who introduced him to a jazz combo playing in the local nightclubs in San Jose, California.

He served as President of SPAH (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) and has soloed and otherwise performed extensively in the U.S. and Asia.