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2019 Jazz & Beyond Carson City Music Festival at the Nevada State Museum

“All About That Bass” with Scot Marshall (Lecture and Performance)

August 15th @ 7pm Nevada State Museum

Mannequin Auction

Free (sponsored by Great Basin Consulting)

The Nevada Museum will take reservations.  Seating is limited, sign  up as soon as the Museum announces this event.  Link to follow.

All About That Bass will deal with the origin, history, and evolution of the bass from the early 3 String monster Octabasse through early Baroque and on into the 20th century through today. The bass takes on many forms in its evolution from bowed orchestral application to plucked rhythm section lines providing the fundamental tone the rest of the music is built on that propels the ensemble forward. Scot will utilize a variety of instruments including: upright bass, Fender Precision bass, Fender Jazz Bass, fretless bass, 5 string, resonator bass & Bass ukulele. The majority of the presentation will focus on the role of the bass in the 20th century in a variety of settings as the music and technique evolve over the decades. Not merely a lecture, but a performance that features a quintet of some of the finest musicians in our area. The band features Graham Marshall on violin, Dallas Smith on woodwinds, Ron Savage on keyboards, Dr. Andy Heglund on drums and percussion and Scot Marshall on a variety of bass instruments. Educational as well as entertaining, the performance will emphasize the importance of the bass throughout history as the fundamental rhythmic and harmonic foundation of ant musical ensemble.

Scot Marshall has lived in Reno for over 30 years. Played with the Omaha Symphony, The Fargo Moorhead Symphony and The Reno Philharmonic. He has worked as a professional musician bassist/vocalist since the age of 15. He has done master classes with, among others, Gary Karr and Kurt Elling and studied jazz bass with the legendary Rufus Reid. His band “Brass Knuckles” has featured the highest level of talent in northern Nevada for the past 20 years. Scot has also been active bringing quality music to Washoe county schools for over 15 years with history of American Jazz presentations for kids with “Brass Knuckles” (“Swing Dogs”) and a musical storytelling group that combines music with the spoken word (“In-Tune Tales”) for Washoe County schools and libraries. These groups have worked extensively with Pioneer Youth Programs and all the Washoe County Libraries. He served on the River City Storytelling Festival committee for 6 years as board member, MC and storyteller and was also a featured teller at the Nebraska Storytelling Festival, and he is currently the president of “For the Love of Jazz in Reno.Scot has also worked in the broadcast industry in Reno for the past 20+ years and does voice-overs for radio and TV. He currently works at Cumulus Broadcasting in sales and promotions. He is an advocate for music in schools and especially jazz education. Scot is also still active as a professional musician and still plays many venues in our area. He also enjoys playing with his son, Graham who plays jazz violin and piano with the UNR Lab 1 band, The UNR Combo Forum and his own groups.