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2019 Jazz & Beyond Carson City Music Festival Wheeled Wednesdays at the BAC

Brewery Arts Center Outdoor Stage

August 14 @5:30

Wesley Orsolic Band

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“Wesley Orsolic Band”

Drawing from the roots of Funk, Jazz and Blues, and influenced by the flavor of traditional and modern New Orleans music, The Wesley Orsolic Band has crafted their own original sound.

Long time friends and creative partners, guitarist Wesley Orsolic and drummer Liz Broscoe have been collaborating for nearly two decades. Orsolic, originally from Croatia and Broscoe from New York, met in South Lake Tahoe where they both find their creative muse in the beautiful mountain setting. Keyboardist Lowell Wilson eventually joined the two on their latest release, “Front Seats”.

Orsolic’s guitar mastery and song writing abilities drive forward the lush and sophisticated chordal changes that he and Wilson both enjoy within the project’s extended jams. The solo exchanges between the two band mates lead to sweet but edgy creations. Broscoe, with her no-nonsense rhythmic approach, keeps it real with her funky, tight and tasty grooves, but her “feel” for the music is the bands great asset. Both Orsolic and Broscoe’s vocals add another layer of richness over an already satisfying and powerful instrumental expression.

The Wesley Orsolic Band holds creative attention with their funk/jazz/blues based songs, seamlessly layered over infectious grooves.

Press quotes:

“Orsolic is an improvisational savant, carefully sizing up each tune and purposefully exploring its corners instead of attacking with a series of stock licks. A true craftsman, he’s surgical in determining what, where, and how to play during his solos, suturing Wes Montgomery style licks with modern phrasing.”

– Spencer Kilpatric, (Mar 05, 2016)

“Not since watching Keith Carlock play with Steely Dan have I seen a drummer so subtly command attention onstage. While Broscoe had both chops and general musicality in spades, it was her feel that forced the small crowd from their bar stools. With hints of Afro-Cuban drag permeating just about everything she played, I can say she is, without a doubt, one of the tastiest drummers”

– Spencer Kilpatric, (Mar 05, 2016)