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Fantods Band

Capital Plaza (Amphitheater)

August 19, 4:30-5:30pm


Bring a chair

Food Truck

The Fantods are a trio from Reno, Nevada.
They play old, somewhat damaged instruments in a style that might best be described as Hillbilly-funk fusion.

How Three musicians create such a racket.

 Joe McKenna, on the Bass Fiddle,  was conceived and born near a nuclear power plant, and has twenty fingers.

David Newman, drummer and carnivore, sleeps most all the day long and expresses his dreams in rhythms. David owns several thousand acres near Moscow, Idaho, where he raises badgers.

Ben (no last name), was found in a barrel floating in the middle of Lake Michigan when he was 27 years old. Having grown to maturity deprived of human contact, he continues to struggle with language, especially French.